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Egyptology tour - including the rarely-visited Tel el Amarna region

Led by esteemed Canadian Egyptologist Gayle Gibson of the Royal Ontario Museum. Private tour of Amarna by Dr. Barry Kemp, with proceeds to support the Amarna project -- Help uncover, restore and preserve Akhenaten's great city!

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Unique off-the-beaten track itinerary

  • Insider's look at Great Pyramids of Giza, Cairo, Sakkara, Karnak, LuxorTemple, Valley of the Kings, Queens, Nobles and Workers

  • VIP admittance to rarely seen tombs, temples and sites including:

  • Rarely visited pyramids: Teti I, Unas, Step, Bent, Red and Meydum
  • Karenis Roman village
  • Wadi Rayan lake region and Valley of the Whales
  • The rock tombs of Beni Hassan
  • Tuna Al Gebel and Ashmonein (Hermiopolis) and Meir tombs
  • Sacred temples at Dendera and Abydos
  • Mortuary temples of Medinat Habu and Ramasseum on Luxor's West Bank

  • Private tour of Tel El Amarna, the site of Akhenaten's lost Kingdom with guest lecturer British archaeologist and head of the Amarna Project, Dr. Barry Kemp who will be providing us with a private tour
  • Travel by comfortable motor coach.
  • Charitable proceeds to support the Amarna Project

  • Go beyond the Giza Pyramids with us... Discover the fascinating tombs, temples and rare antiquities of Egypt - including the wonders of Amarna

    New roads, site openings and restorations mean that there's never been a better time to visit Egypt and explore its off-the-beaten track spectacles. This special Egyptologist-led itinerary will take you from the excitement of Cairo, Giza and ancient Sakkara, down on the safe new route through the middle of the country - a fascinating drive experienced by few - to explore the unspoiled towns, desert terrain and astounding antiquities of middle Egypt. The tour's centrepiece is a full day insider's view of Amarna, Akhenaten's lost 18th dynasty kingdom, guided by renowned Amarna archaeologist, Dr. Barry Kemp. In fact, part of your tour price will go to fund his important work through the Amarna project. And we shall do it all in style. This deluxe itinerary features exclusive encounters with ancient history by day, and luxurious accommodations by night.

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    15 Days

    Max Group Size: 20

    Accomodations: hotels

    Price dependent on group size and dates