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In the Footsteps of Ramesses the Great with Gayle Gibson & Ramy Darwish

Join Egyptologists Gayle and Ramy as they reveal the wonders of Egypt!

calendar_today Nov 24 - Dec 8, 2020

Come with us to explore the nature and monuments of the Ruler of Rulers, Ramesses II, and his astonishing family. Other kings may have fought more battles, or had more interesting scandals, but no one else marked Egypt as he did. Ramesses lived a very long time; during his life he knew great love with his Great Royal Wife, the beautiful Nefertari Merymut. Ramesses knew sorrow, too as he experienced the lives and deaths of many of his brilliant and accomplished children, including the First Egyptologist, Khaemwase. There are few spots in Egypt where Ramesses’ name and works cannot be found. For the rest of Egyptian history, his reign was the standard by which all others were judged.

There are few spots in Egypt where Ramesses’ name and works cannot be found. For the rest of Egyptian history, his reign was the standard by which all others were judged.

We’ll visit the pyramids of Giza and the great Temples of Karnak and Luxor, but with an eye for how these places looked and functioned in the Ramesside Era, about thirty-two hundred years ago.

After seeing the great sights of Luxor and the Valleys of the Kings and Queens, we’ll change our modern tour bus for a mode of transportation that Ramesses would have recognized – a luxurious boat on the Nile. From our dahabiyya we’ll see Egypt from the River, and visit, islands, towns and temples between Luxor and Aswan from a different perspective.

One rarely visited site will be the rock-cut temple and quarry at Gebel el Silsila. Here we’ll meet Ramesses ‘other’ great love, his Royal Wife, Isis, the mother of Khaemwase. And naturally, we’ll spend time at Abu Simbel, examining the great war reliefs and many unique images of the gods of Egypt and Nubia.

You’ll spend quiet time in the exquisite temple of Nefertari, where the graceful queen can be seen in the presence of the goddesses of Love and Loyalty, Hathor and Isis.

An optional extension can take us North to see the rarely-visited site of Tanis where later kings built their city by salvaging and recycling the monuments of Ramesses’ capital of Avaris, which Ramesses had built by recycling the monuments of earlier kings! Tanis was also the site of one of the great discoveries of modern times, the almost intact burials of the kings of the Twenty-first Dynasty. We’ll see their solid silver coffins in the Cairo Museum, but we should be able to enter the surprisingly small royal tombs.

And we’ll finish with some delicious days in the city of Cleopatra the Great, Alexandria. Modern, Classical and Ancient histories jostle and blend in the city on the Mediterranean. Churchill met with Montgomery here, Hypatia was murdered here, and the ancient, lost library of Alexandria stood near the site of the remarkable, astonishingly beautiful, modern Biblioteca Alexandrina. We’ll visit an ancient university, strange Roman tombs with a mixture of Egyptian and Roman beliefs, and sphinxes, statues, and stele of Ramesses and his family, recycled from all over Egypt.

Gayle Gibson

Gayle Gibson is a respected Canadian Egyptologist and a Departmental Associate at the Royal Ontario Museum.

She worked for over 20 years as a popular teacher, lecturer and Egypt specialist at the ROM and appears frequently on television as a "guest expert". Her main area of expertise as an Egyptologist concerns mummies and their coffins. Ms.Gibson was partially responsible for identifying Pharaoh Ramesses I, (Ramesses II’s grandfather!) among the forlorn mummies at the old Niagara museum, and giving him an assist on the road home to Egypt.

Ramy Darwish

Ramy Darwish is our certified Egyptologist tour guide.

As a leader in his field, he has been the preferred guide for such prestigious tour companies as, Abercrombie and Kent, Vantage Deluxe World Travel and Scenic Tours. An Egyptology graduate from Helwan University and a consummate professional, he has led tours for 20 years through Egypt, as well as Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. Helpful, attentive and highly knowledgeable, Ramy possesses excellent people skills combined with a contagious passion for Egyptian history. We are lucky to have him as our guide!

Anna MacKay

Anna MacKay is a lover of Egypt, history, museums and travel.

For three decades she has been a renowned adventure travel specialist, sending hundreds of people to Egypt and leading dozens of cultural and historic tours around the world. As owner of Your Journey travel, she is proud to have traveled to every continent in the world — and to Egypt many times. Anna will be our tour leader for this journey - and is known to work exceptionally hard behind the scenes and go the extra length to ensure the total comfort and satisfaction of all her travellers.


Nov 24 - Dec 8 2020


Group Size: 10 minimum, 24 maximum


Accommodations: hotels, dahabiyya/river cruise


Rate is $4,995USD Single $1,195USD Rate increased to $5,295USD as of Nov 1, 2020

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