Join Egyptologists Gayle and Ramy as they reveal the wonders of Egypt!

Nov 8 - 16, 2024 extension Nov 16 - 21, 2024

This tour hopes to give visitors enough time to really explore and enjoy the pyramids of Giza, Meidum, Dashur and Sakkara.

During the Age of the Pyramids, the ancient Egyptians raised structures that still stand, Wonders of the World. We’ll take our time to walk around these sites and visit the pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Royal Mortuary Temples, and the beautiful, colourful tombs built for the powerful families of the time. We won’t neglect the folks who actually did the hauling and lifting either; we’ll visit the cemetery where the workers and middle management of pyramid construction were buried, trying to see the whole grand enterprise from their side of the monumental Wall of the Crow.

We will also spend time really seeing and thinking about the masterpieces of the sculptor’s art that fill the Cairo Museum, and other, newer museums with localized collections. We will see as much of the Grand Egyptian Museum that is open for visitors when we get there.

This trip will move slowly, so that we can take our time to visit the Great Ages of the Past.

An optional extension can take us South to see Luxor 

Date: Nov 8 - 16, 2024

Group Size: 10 minimum, 16 maximum

Accommodations: Hotel

Price: Rate is $4,395USD Single $995USD

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