An inspiring 14 day, Egyptologist-led experience of the wonders of Egypt

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With the inspiring insight of Laura Ranieri Roy, your Canadian Egyptologist guide – and our local Egyptologist guide – the storied past of the Pharaohs will come alive. Climb into pyramids, sail the Nile like Cleopatra, ride a camel – and be transformed in this exciting and exotic two-week, small group cultural adventure featuring all the highlights (and hidden treasures) of Egypt – including the majestic Abu Simbel Temple!

Travel with our Canadian Egyptologist! Laura Ranieri is a professional writer, the founder of Ancient Egypt Alive, and an Egyptologist, from the University of Toronto. She has written and lectured in Canada and the United States on ancient Egypt.

Laura has also produced short documentaries on the country and has excavated in Bulgaria at a classical Greek site and in Egypt at Amarna (Akenaten’s kingdom) and South Asasif (west bank of Luxor).

She began her career as an actress and travel TV show host, and is passionate about bringing the history of Ancient Egypt Alive to the general public.

  • Be awestruck at the Giza Pyramids: See the Sphinx, Old Kingdom tomb(s) and enter inside one of the Great Pyramids to connect viscerally to thousands of years of history
  • Guest Lecturers  – Engage in lively discussions with  Egyptologist Laura Ranieri at each site – and enjoy a lively series of lectures enroute
  • Go in-depth at the sites – designed for travellers with an interest in Egyptian history
  • See Egypt’s highlights (Giza Pyramid, Sakkara, Valley of the Kings, Cairo Museum, Karnak) plus hidden-treasure tombs, temples and pyramids including: Step, Bent Red and Unas pyramids 
  • Experience the greatest temple of Egypt – Abu Simbel – and a Ptolemaic masterpiece, the temple of Hathor at Dendera in Middle Egypt
  • Unseen Sakkara – some unique sites including Serappeum, Ty Mereruka and Tomb of the Manicurists
  • Sail like Cleopatra on a deluxe all-inclusive Nile cruise – visiting temples and sites along the way
  • Travel with a collegial and cultured small group (no more than 20 people)
  • Deluxe hotels, all inclusive Nile cruise ship, site admissions, all guides, all breakfasts, 6 dinners and 9 lunches included.

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